Our vision is to create a system that brings people together to ensure that children in their own community have clothing that fits and provides them a positive self-image.

Outfitters Clothes

Outfitters provides new and gently used clothing to school age children in need. Last year we provided over 1100 children in Madison County with a weeks worth of clothing absolutely free.


All shopping is by appointment to ensure the privacy of our clientele.


Children can shop twice per year for a week’s wardrobe (7 tops, 5 bottoms, 7 pr socks, 7 underwear, jacket, and shoes).

Your Outfitters Staff


Niki Brown

Executive Director

Mary Ann Mudd

Store Coordinator

Board of Directors

Garry Brammer Board President
Bill Hutton Vice President
Kathy McCord Co-Secretary
Shelby Sloan Co-Secretary
Mike Kirby Treasurer
Jennifer Harris Board Member
Judy Wihebrink Board Member
Wes Garrett Board Member
John Lord Board Member
Scott Berline Board Member
Shelly Hobbs Board Member
Niki Brown Executive Director
Mary Ann Mudd Store Assistant